Pop Up Tent Repair


As tailgaters we all depend heavily on our pop up tents but unfortunately our pop up tents aren’t always dependable. I’ve had my share of tents throughout the years and without fail I have had many of them not stand the test of time.
My most recent purchase, the QuickShade 10’ x 10’ Weekender Elite straight legged pop up was yet another casualty of the tailgating battle. While overall it is a quality piece of equipment, the frame is itself is made of somewhat thin aluminum and as a result can bend or break under too much pressure or high winds.

My tent did just that as one of the legs bent at the top on a windy afternoon and as a result I had two options to remedy the situation. One, I could shell out another $135 for a new one or two, I could search for a leg replacement. The good news is that the QuikShade 10’x10’ is designed to have replacement parts added but the bad news is I couldn’t find replacement legs.
As always for the DIY guy, Homedepot came to the rescue. I was able to find a 1” x 1/16” x 48” square aluminum tube by EverBilt at Home Depot for $20. The length was a few inches longer than needed but other than that it was an exact fit and slide into the square plastic sleeve perfectly after slight modification.



With a few tools and a little elbow grease, I managed to drill the attachment holes and cut the new pole down to size to match the original pole.




After drilling the matching holes I unscrewed the velcro from the original pole and then attached it to the new pole along with the plastic leg base and middle leg stopper.

Note: After drilling the velcro holes be sure to insert the bottom extension pole with the v-shaped indentation facing up so that the pole will be able to slide in clearing the velcro screws.




IMG_4314Once the plastic pieces were re-attached the entire pole slid into the leg bracket and screwed in at the top near the velcro piece.



Overall it was a fairly quick and easy fix that held up perfectly, in fact it seemed to be a stronger leg than the original leg.


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