Ohio State vs. Rutgers 2017

This week was an east coast Big Ten match up between the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers University and THE Ohio State University(Go Bucks). After a little research we discovered that Rutgers provided overnight RV passes so we decided to give it a try and see how they do it at Rutgers.

After a call to the ticket office Rutgers Parking Information we discovered that a full weekend overnight RV pass was available for $150 (2 nights) and $100 (1 night). We were told that payment was cash only and based on a first come first serve basis with Friday arrival times from 3pm-Midnight on Friday and 7am-7pm Staurday.

We thought for sure they would sell out so we arrived Friday at 5pm to a somewhat empty parking lot with a total of two RV’s already parked and a few student cars parked sparkly throughout the parking lot. There was an attendant at the entrance who took our payment and gave us a parking permit then proceeded to guide us in to our space which was in the back of the parking lot. We were directed to park with enough space for  two parking spaces on either side which gave space out front of our RV to setup. IMG_4114

The parking lot was pretty quite for the rest of the night and only one other RV filled with Buckeye fans pulled in late that night. The only noise really only came from the passing cars on the street behind us. The lot is just a  parking lot and there are no RV hook ups, showers or stores for supplies, just porta potty’s set up throughout the lot. If for some reason you need to get ice, food, alcohol or any other supplies, you’ll have to drive or Uber to New Brunswick which is about 4 miles away. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants there as well.

With a game time set for 7:30pm we anticipated the Saturday morning to be somewhat quiet considering not many fans had come in the night before, which turned out to be true. The campus has a small diner called Henry’s and a Starbucks across from each other and both are  within walking distance just on the other side of the parking lot. We decided to check it out and start the day off with a brisk walk, hearty breakfast and a quality cup of joe. Then food was  typical diner fair and not too bad.

Buckeye fans began to trickle in to the parking lot throughout the morning and afternoon  and by 3pm it began to look more like a college football tailgating atmosphere. The RV section added a few more RV’s but it never sold out and there were plenty of spaces left. The car spaces filled in a little but again there were plenty of spaces left open and plenty of room to through a football around or even play some corn hole.


After a few games of corn hole, some chicken wings and cold beers we wrapped things up and headed into the game. The stadium is located just under two miles away so Rutgers provided an army of shuttle buses that loaded up in front of the Rutgers Athletic Center(RAC) which is about a 15 min walk across the parking lot from the RV section. I have to say Rutgers does a great job of hearding everyone on to the shuttle buses and getting you to the stadium in a timely and efficient manner. The buses drop off behind the stadium which is approximately another 15 min walk to the stadium entrance. The Shuttles are running throughout the game and after the game until Midnight I believe so there is no problem getting back to the parking lot if you decide you need to leave early or stay for the entire game.





After the game was over the parking lot cleared out fairly quickly and there weren’t any after parties or much noise at all. We were able to get a goodnight sleep, packed up early in morning and got on the road.

In conclusion, Rutgers does a good job providing the basics for a great tailgating and game experience, not quite on the level as some of the other schools in the Big Ten but definitely acceptable.






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